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Recently got Skyrim on ps3 , and new to it, when i battle people i dont know how to get into where potions are etc.. so can use them.. where do i go?

Also in riverwood been told to go to speak to Alvor.. got into his house.. only thing i could do was steal from him then got attacked.. so do i have to attack him before i can speak to him? I'm up to this part now


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You have to press circle to open your inventory and attacking or picking up any item with red text is a bad idea because you are stealing and the owner will attack you. Restart your game or reload to before you steal alvor and then talk to him once you talk to him you will be given another quest to go to Whiterun and speak to the Jarl. This can be seen on the minimap/ bar at the top of the screen with an arrow.

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so i have to steal from him?

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@pikafan1990 said:

so i have to steal from him?

No don't steal from him. Did you try talking to him at night? sometimes that might be the problem and can make it so you have to steal instead of the normal interaction, or you aren't highlighting him properly.

The potions are in your inventory. For easy use assign them to your hotkey equip list. That way you can pause mid battle and use them. In addition to health potions I would recommend getting a restoration spell to heal when your out of battle or to quickly heal in battle without using all your potions.

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Wasn't at night in our time.. so if I do steal easy to defeat him? id rather talk to him & find my way to Whiterun