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I'm not that enthused about the new consoles. Still have ps3 and xbox 360. The ps4 definately impresses me more because it's a $100 cheaper more powerful and just less bs than the xbone... But i dont see a huge leap with next gen consoles. both consoles launch lineups are weak imo. but the main games im plaaying are nba 2k14 and gta v on the 360 right now. I hvae the money to spend. It's like why am i playing lesser versions of these games? They are perfectly fine though...... I'm going to get it eventually. might as well just get it now?

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If it doesn't matter to you....just wait, if there are any real launch problems you've saved yourself the hassle (think the HUGE rrod fiasco). No way in hell I could wait, but I love that new console smell.

I'd even have an x1 ordered too (ps 4 coming tomorrow) if not for all that idiotic crap ms pulled at first, now I'll just give it a few months to see how it all pans out.

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well that's the thing i'm just going to drive myself nuts for a year should i get it should i not when i might as well just get it. the xbone is overpriced to me. the ps4 is just about right. i just dont know. these end of gen games on 360 and ps3 are still impressvie. there isn't this huge leap this gen with graphics. It's just crisper and what it should have been in the first place.

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If the money is burning hole in your pocket, just send it to me, then I'll go ahead and take a chance on the kinect/NSA console right now ;-) I've had both the ps3 and 360 since day 1 (same for ps1 & 2, original xbox, dreamcast, Panasonic 3DO, etc, etc) so it's *definitely* time to add some new hardware for me.

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Just do it! I was so ready for the next gen so I had to make a move.

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If you need to ask then the answer is no

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Should I get it",,,.. is sort of an arbitrary question. your on a PlayStation forum asking if you should buy a PlayStation.

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If you need to ask then the answer is no

He, jaysonguy" is probably right. Most everyone on here is past that process.

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@Celtic_34: I tend to wait for a while with consoles and have never regretted it. There is a major hype factor with doing anything "day one" with the crowd, Films, games and so on. If you don't bite you lose a thrill but if it is something good you never lose the enjoyment when you finally get to it. You can also miss droping money on some major crap if you wait until the word on the street gets out (BTW: I don't think either console will be crap).