Screenshots from Hot Pursuit?

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#1 Posted by el_kratos28 (9 posts) -
Hey, does anybody know how can i download my screenshots on my computer from hotpursuit. Of course i play it on ps3
#2 Posted by Reptylus (1875 posts) -
Not possible anymore since the web-access for Autolog stopped supporting Hot Pursuit. Before The Run was released you could access your Hot Pursuit screenshots that way.
#3 Posted by el_kratos28 (9 posts) -
why they blocked it? so if i understand it wont be ever posible to download it cause every year new game recive autolog... :/
#4 Posted by Reptylus (1875 posts) -
Don't know either. I guess they just don't want to create a new autolog page for every new installment. So they just overwrite the old one.