RPG Suggestions for a non-RPG Player.

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Hey guys,

I'm in the mood to settle down with a nice long RPG, however the only RPG I've played on the PS3 is Ni no Kuni - I really don't know any others!

I'm looking for something that is peaceful and incorporates a lot of the natural world (so something more like Ni no Kuni rather than Dark Souls!!)

I normally play outdoor action-adventure type games like Uncharted, Enslaved, Tomb Raider, Far Cry 3, Prince of Persia et cetera.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated - please keep in mind that I'm looking for something natural and peaceful though!!


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Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster is a very good choice. Even if you only get into X, which is pretty much a masterpiece and well worth the investment. The sequel isn't everybody's cup of tea.

Tales of Symphonia Chronicles, Tales of Graces f, and Tales of Xillia are also good options. As is anything from the Disgaea series. You might also enjoy the Atelier series. The Arland trilogy: Rorona, Totori, and Meruru; or the Dusk titles: Ayesha, or Escha and Logy. This series is heavy on an alchemy theme, and involves a lot of collecting herbs and other materials for mixing, experimenting, and crafting.

Then there's Child of Light which launches at the end of the month. Definitely worth a look.

If you're willing to try some PS1 classics from PSN, you could try Chrono Trigger (Not in EU), Chrono Cross (Also not in EU), and any of the older Final Fantasy titles.

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Shame you aren't asking about RPGs on the PS2. If you were, I would recommend Dragon Quest 8. It is very similar to Ni No Kuni, and I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who loves RPGs.

You could always try Skyrim or Oblivion. I wouldn't really say it's peaceful, but there is a very nice sense of exploration to it that you can really lose yourself in. You really don't have to do the main quest, you can go out and do your own thing for hundreds of hours if you really wanted that kind of thing. Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas are similar, but in a post-apocolyptic setting.

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@RossRichard said:

I would recommend Dragon Quest 8.

Looks sweet.

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This is an odd recommendation but how about trying White Knight Chronicles? Not difficult, same developers as Ni No Kuni, adventure outdoors type. And if you haven't play Valkria Chronicles that is a lengendary game. Its a SRPG but its colorful and straight up awesome.

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  • Okami HD is an open world adventure it plays a lot like the 3D Zeldas theirs plenty of exploration, dungeons ect. very colorful game Okamis cel-shaded art style looks fantastic i would say its one of the best looking games on the ps3. fairly long at 40 to 60 hours. side quest aren't abused! fairly easy game beside a couple of optional parts.
  • Valkyria Chronicles alternative ww2 history its a Japanese-srpg not a jrpg
  • Nier fantastic soundtrack! and interesting story you'll either like the game or hate it the combats is repetitive and its not the prettiest game
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@dipdish said:

@RossRichard said:

I would recommend Dragon Quest 8.

Looks sweet.

It is a masterpiece IMO. This game should be in every RPG fans collection.

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i'd second okami, i had completed it on ps2, however it does pan out like a classic jrpg with lots of reading... :D

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Thanks heaps for the suggestions guys. I read up on all of them and watched a few YouTube videos as well. I eventually decided to try the Atelier series and purchased Ayesha earlier tonight. I've put a couple of hours into it already and it is hitting the spot for a long, peaceful outdoor adventure (but what is with the ridiculous costumes the girls wear?!!). I'm really enjoying the change of pace from action games - collecting herbs and helping people with their requests is so relaxing!!

Thanks again for all the suggestions - I'll save a link to this forum thread and will definitely return when I'm looking for my next adventure!

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@mwaters82: Nice choice. Have fun!