Resogun dev to make new IP

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For those people who got Resogun for free and did not pay for it the devs are making a new game:

the indie studio is also working on a new project for the PlayStation 4 -- great news for gamers given that Resogun was one of the strongest titles in the PS4 launch lineup.

This is also along with new Resogun DLC. Due to Resogun's success, it may be a deal with Sony for a retail game.

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Where is the SW material?

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I doubt they will make a retail game, but this is still good news, I loved Resogun and have loved Super Stardust.

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Any chance we can make this system wars material TC? I can move it to the sony forum if you'd like...

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Resogun is an amazing game btw... I fully expect this dev to knock our socks off again.

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Housemarque just keeps making games I want to play. Loved Outland on my PS3 and Resogun was my personal favorite PS4 game. Look forward to their next project.

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This was already announced. Housemarque already claimed to making two PS4 exclusives. This also why I am not worried about the supposed lack of games for the system.