Reset PS3 Internet settings

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#1 Posted by heymid (10 posts) -
How do I do this? My PS3 Internet connection to my D-Link DI-624+ router is really failing. Or how do I reset the PS3 to factory settings? //Heymid\\
#2 Posted by jw7103 (210 posts) -

when you swap routers, go through the network settings again to allow the ps3 to detect new router via wireless, or just connect via wired connection. All you need for wireless is the security key for new router if you setup wireless. Once you have done this the ps3 will remember new network settings

#3 Posted by heymid (10 posts) -
But the PS3 fails when I type in the network key, for some strange reason...
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However, it works if I cancel automatic setup. I can only do manual setup now, for unknown reasons... //Heymid\\
#5 Posted by heymid (10 posts) -
I get "DNS error".