Reoccurring Problems with PS3 Save Data

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I have been playing Skyrim on a PS3 other than my own. So, I had saved the data from the game on the original station I've been playing it on. I am trying to copy it over from the USB to my PS. For some reason, no matter what I do, I keep getting the notification that there is no save data that exists within that USB drive. This flash drive is completely empty of everything other than the game files. It is organized the way it is supposed to be (PS3 > SAVE DATA > BLUS30778-SAVE-AUTO3) and (PS3 > SAVE DATA > BLUS30778-SAVE-PLAYER-4). Could someone please explain to me what is going on here? If everything is sorted correctly, what would the problem be? I'm starting to get frustrated and would really like some help. I have checked other forums elsewhere and have yet to find a solution. Nothing that anyone has suggested seems to be working out for me. I've even tried switching flash drives--thinking maybe it wasn't compatible? I really don't know what there is left to do.

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Are you logged in to the same PSN? That should fix it. The save file belongs to the account it was created on.

If you were previously playing on a user account that wasn't your own, then you're out of luck. Best case scenario, you could ask your friend to let you create a user account on your PS3 with his PSN login, but then you'll be stuck playing Skyrim on an account that isn't yours (and if you are doing this, you should avoid signing in to PSN when you play, or simply stay offline).

Might be a good time to start over anyway.