Recommended Ps4 Games So far!!?

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I am expecting my ps4 to arrive within the week bundled with Killzone but what other games would you recommend from the ones that are out already I was thinking more of FPS games cause i just love going online late at nights and group up with people what would you suggest ?

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Your only other options for fps are Battlefield 4 and COD ghosts. I recommend bf4.

I also recommend AC black flag for single player fun.

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1. Killzone Shadowfall Best choice

2. Need for Speed RIvals Awesome Graphics.

3. Resogun (Free) Get it while its FREE

4. Outlast is coming out next week FREE

5. Assassins Creed 4 one of the best games i have played in 2013

6. Lego Marvel is a Great and fun game for PS4

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I've been playing my PS3 more lately because of psplus and a backlog of games I have, but when I don't I play AC4 and Resogun on PS4. It's kind of dry now though, as to be expected.

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Wait for infamous second son.

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I've just got my release games ie Assassin's Creed Black Flag, Knack and Killzone Shadow Fall, waiting 'patiently' for watchdogs

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If you want something else other than FPS, i would recomend getting Resogun and Assassin's Creed IV

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For an FPS, play what you usually play, as COD and BF are very similar to their previous games. I've been playing COD the most on my ps4. I admit that the visuals are just like on a ps3. BF4 has amazing visuals. For single player games i would recommend NFS rivals. Great visuals. Haven't gotten to AC4 yet but have heard great things.

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All the above posts pretty much summed it up.

I like Pinball Arcade too. But, that's only if you're into pinball games. I think it's great and you can choose which tables to download or buy them all.

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Voice in the wilderness here but... if you have PS+ download "Contrast" and give it a chapter or so.

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Just wait it out till Second Son!

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Battlefield 4