Questions about Primary and Secondary PS4 systems.

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Thinking about buying my GF the Destiny White PS4 bundle so we can play together online, etc. Just wanted to clear a few questions about PS+, accounts, digital rights, etc.

1. I believe I'd need to activate her PS4 as my PSN account's primary PS4 right? Then she could make her own PSN account and be able to play online with PS+ and play all my digital games while signed into her own account since its my PSN account's primary PS4?

2. Then my PS4 would be secondary and I'd be able to sign into my account and play all my games, saves, etc still right?

3. Which system should I make purchases and download Plus games on? Hers (the primary one) or the secondary one I would be using my account on regularly?

4. I know she'd be able to use PS+ since she'd be using my PSN's Primary system but I've read that she wouldn't be able to upload her own cloud saves using her own personal account. Is this true?

5. So all my downloads would have to be done under my PSN account on her PS4 system first. Then I could download them again on my secondary PS4 system with my account, correct?

Thanks for your help guys/girls!

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1.yes 2.yes. 3.both on the primary & secondary 5.correct

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@chem_1: Thanks!