Question about psp games and a 6 year old

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I am thinking of buying my son a psp, and he is only 6. They have a bundle pack with with star wars battlefront renegade squadron. Is this something he will be able to play, or is this game going to be to hard for him. Thanks
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I have a six year old brother and he has SW: RS and he seems to be ok with it, but he plays alot of SW games.
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yeah if your son is a SW fan then i guess he'll be fine. Maybe you should get a case for the psp just in case. I heard the slim one is easier to break.
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Locoroco! Perfect game for the little ones
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He can play star wars legos on my 360, and he is pretty good at it. You think he should be fine to play this one then.
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whoops, read it wrong. Thought you were looking for a reccomendation. But yeah, star wars is easy enough for a kid to get the hang of the controls.
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i think a ds would be more suitable for a six year old imo
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My son is 5 and we have both PSP and a DS. I can tell you, he loves HIS DS. The games are way more suited to his age. The PSP is mine. hehe
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no problem buy him one

my little sister she is 6 years old and some times I give her my PSP to play

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If he's six, you should get him a DS instead of a PSP. Since DS games are suitable for kids his age,and the PSP tends to be for the people a little bit older..
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I am actually looking to buy 2. One for my 7 year old daughter too. I am going to get her the Daxter bundle. I see there arent many games geared for them at their age. But I also want this one because of the video playback as well. We are taking 3 vactations this year. 1 on a plane, then 2 long distance drives. I was liking the psp because of games, video, and music all in one small portable device. Thanks for all the replies.
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Me and My Katamari is a very kid-friendly game. You could also try Daxter, Ape Escape, Ratotuille, or any one of the racing or puzzle games. Maybe Need for Speed underground Rivals. It's kinda simple and non-violent.
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6 years old = too young for psp

6 years old = DS Lite

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I think so. Its not too hard of a game. But I think like the people were saying here "the ds is more suitable since it has more friendlier games". I myself like both. Psp is awesome, but when it comes to games i think the ds would come in first. I got my sister a DS and she is 10 and loves to play nintendogs. But see the cool thing about the DS is that the battery last real long. Kids kinda get into playing it alot. For instance the plane ride is like 3-4 hours long and say your kids play the whole way there. When they get off and have to wait somewhere else or dont have a place to charge it, it might be a little difficult to play. The ds has a good battery wich last more than 8hrs as ive been told or more. and cheaper :)
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Sure the games are easy enough to pick up and play, but do you think it's ok to let a 6 year old play games like that? Star Wars Lego is a fun game and it's for everyone, but that's because it doesn't have the same detailed level of violence as the originals. I really don't have any say in this, but if it was my kid, I wouldn't let him/her play it until they are at least 14 or older as the game is rated Teen. But anyway, he should have no problem having fun with the game, it'll be easy to play because the beggining is easy and all that, but the online play, lots of kids out there swear so I don't know if you care or not whether your son gets exposed to that much swearing or not. The DS is more suited for the younger kids, but anyway, that's just my opinion.
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The DS Lite sounds like a better system for a 6 year old.
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I agree with those that said DS is a better choice for such a young child. Most of PSP's games are geared for older children and the last thing I would want is to have a six year-old son playing games that are not meant for his age.
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I think the DS Lite is better for a young child of his age.. i mean nearly all of the PSP games are for Teens(12+ and 16 and 18+ and little 7 and 3+).

But on the DS you have Childdish Games and Fun games and also learning games i think the DS is better for a 6 year old.

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yeah if your son is a SW fan then i guess he'll be fine. Maybe you should get a case for the psp just in case. I heard the slim one is easier to break. anshuk20002

liesss i have a psp slim and becasue its lighter it seems that when i drop it, it has less of an impact

psp fat(way heavier) when u drop that, it'll break easier

but overall they both break aroudn the same

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Sorry for "not supporting" psp :P

But i highly recommend a Nintendo DS for Kids around that age, its easier and more friendly games. I got a cousin who is now 8 years, who got some problems, (Pure guess on translation) He's mentaly retarded. I recommended my aunt to give him a DS, many kids around his age in school had it, and it will interact other kids around him. They bought a DS and now he got lots of new friends and i guess it helps him a bit too mentally. (crappy english, hope you get what im saying...)

Im not saying you need to be retarded to have a DS ^^ but, its fun, easy, more durable and lighter than a Psp. And got alot more friendly games for younger users.

Hope this helps. I cant imagine giving a psp to a 6 years old, its like giving him a car instead of a tricycle to me

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Buy him fifa 08 and grand theft auto vice city stories plus u can have a go at them too.
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Buy him fifa 08 and grand theft auto vice city stories plus u can have a go at them too.barcarulz007

Grand theft auto for a 6 years old, thats cute... I played GTA1-2 around that age but man, it didnt have that realistic 3d graphic ^^

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while the PSP is geared more toward older gamers there are some game that are fine for younger players the daxter bundle is a great buy (game, movie, memory stick ..... oh you might want to take the family guy movie out) the swbf-RS bundle is ok but you are going to need to get a memorystick if you want to use it for music, videos and you need it for gamesaves.

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I have a 9-year-old and agree with most of these posts, a DS Lite is far better and there is much more selection for younger kids. My kid has been using the DS for over a year, and it's great. We've done transatlantic trips and the DS has made it from beginning to end, with hours of play. The only advantage of the PSP is its video and music function - but the short battery (3 hours, in our experience) kind of defeats the purpose - if you travel with a laptop, it'll probably give you the same amount of battery and the movies will be easier to see anyway. You can get a car charger - but forget about bringing it on a plane, nowhere to charge it there!

My son just got a PSP for Xmas, it's okay but even though he's an experienced gamer- started on Gameboy at 5 - he keeps getting stuck on the games (stuck on the Vilgax level of Ben 10 at the moment) . And besides Daxter, Sonic and two or three more games, there's not much else out there (as far as I know). PSP games seem to be harder and geared to older kids/adults.

So I would strongly recommend a DS Lite for the moment, and wait till the kids are older to get a PSP.

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Yes a DS would be better for 6 year old but the guy said he's taking 3 trips and he would probably be watching Movies and listening to music as well. So I think your better off with the PSP since it is a multimedia device. There are games that your son can play though most isn't for him at his age. I currently use mine for Gaming and watching a lot of Movies ( I don't buy that UMD garbage). Get yourself a nice 2-4GB Memory stick and fill it with your movies and music for those trips. You can buy a car charger for your PSP if it dies.

Those are just some suggestions, have fun.

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Since this has become a PSP vs DS for a 6 year old forum, I might also add that the PSP is much more fragile than the DS. DS games are on a flash memory cartirdge eg: no moving parts. I know from experience that it doesn't take much of a drop to render the PSP's UMD disc drive completely useless. Also, the screen is much more prone to scratches and damage since it is bigger and does not fold up for protection like the DS. Also, with kids, if they had a DS they would'nt care about missing the movies since they will be busy playing all the games that are targeted for their age group. Most of the movies released for PSP are not kids movies anyways. Instead of picking through a small handfull of PSP games suitable for a 6 year old, get you money's worth and and go for the DS who's kid friendly library is fricken huge.