Question about ps+ games and our ownership of them

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so today i went on the ps store to download oddworld strangers wrath hd and i discovered that i was too late, it was no longer free

now my question is, if i had downloaded it before it left, and then i deleted it later, would i have been able to redownload it again for free? or do you really need to make sure not to ditch games that aren't free on the store anymore? basically, im just wondering if the store will let you redownload things as long as you had once before

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Yes, you can redownload anything you added to your account. Any game that hits the IGC I'll start to download it and then cancel so it's in my download history if I'm not ready to play it yet.

Also if you quit PS+ you'll be able to play the plus games again when you come back.

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AS long as you press the download when they are free and keep a ps+ you get to keep the games

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Yep, what others have said. Just start downloading any game in the Instant Games Collection you're remotely interested as soon as you get the chance. As soon as you've "claimed" the game, it will remain in your downloads list so long as you remain a PS+ member. It will also return to the list if you ever renew your membership after having it canceled for any amount of time.

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Just as others have said as long as you hit download on the game, it is automatically added to your download history. I had to do that with a few tittles because I just don't have the space on my HDD.