Question about pre-loading Destiny Beta on PS3

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I'm aware that you're able to pre-load the Destiny Beta now but my question is are you able to use this same method with the PS3 that people are using with the PS4. And by that I mean creating a EU account on PSN, pre-ordering Destiny, getting access to the Beta download immediately after and then downloading it so you're able to hop right in on the 17th, no waiting. You are then able to cancel the pre-order so you won't be charged when the full game is released. Not everyone is going to be playing on the current gen systems and I can't find any information about this for PS3 users except from one person on the Destiny sub Reddit. Who said, his girlfriend pre-ordered from EU on the PS3 a month or so back but her Beta client doesn't actually unlock until the day of the Beta (July 17th).

So can some other PS3 users that have already pre-ordered from EU confirm that for me? Were you able to download the Beta client already like a lot of PS4 users have? It doesn't really make sense that PS4 users would get the Beta Client immediately to download right after pre-ordering but PS3 users must wait until the day of the Beta. I'm not too keen on the idea of waiting a whole day to download the Beta as I'm sure many others aren't so I'd like to get this taken care of before the storm comes in 3 days.