Question about DOA5U Core Fighter and its DLC

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The forum on DOA5/DOA5U is pretty much dead, so I'll ask here instead.

There's a new DLC for DOA5U called Million Fighters Set. It gives all the remaining 25 character (the core character is only 4 characters which is make it 29 characters excluding Marie Ross) and all the 81 costumes from DOA5 and DOA5+. With the price of $19.99, I think it's a good deal.

What makes me confused is the file size. The file size of the DLC is only 10.4MB. At first I thought it's just the size for "unlocking" the content which is already inside the game. But while the free version (4 characters) have around 3GB, the full version (29 characters from start) have around 6GB.

Can anyone explain about the difference file size? Did I miss something if I buy the DLC instead of buying the full version?

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Core fighters you are locked out of a lot of game modes.

Ultimate gives you the full game.