Q: when are we gonna see more FFXV?

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Hopefully it will come out 2014, I've been waiting for that game since it was announced back in 2006. I was high school then.. Now I finished college and its still not out, not even a release date yet. Sorry guys I just want a little info, hope u guys got

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probably coming 2014 or else 2015 i want see new info and trailer

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Perhaps check out some Youtube videos or something? I'm sure Final Fantasy 14 just came out recently so it'll probably be a long wait for the new one. Though I'm not really a fan of the series I'm intrigued by Final Fantasy 15 myself as it looks more action-based.

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Don't know, but I want to see a large gameplay video, because I am thinking on purchasing it but I'm still cursed by the shadow of Final Fantasy XIII...

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maybe we will see more at E3, but it's 2015 release date