Put PS3 slim vertical on right or left side?

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Does it matter whether you put your PS3 slim on its right or left side when you place it vertically? I put it on the right, because it feels odd to put the discs in with the label facing to the left, since on the other consoles, the label faces to the right when I put it in.

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Don't you mean horizontal? Sideways?

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He's putting his PS3 vertical, but upside down. It goes fat side down, disc tray on the upper part. Might want to get the stand too so you don't drop the thing.
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The disc slot should be to the top of the PS3 when standing vertical. As mbrockway suggested, you may want to get a vertical stand for it. The slim PS3's aren't as stable as the ol' fatties.
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upside down.
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Oh. Will putting it the way I do damage the PS3 Slim or have any bad side effects?

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Now that I look at the stand, I'm quite sure it was intended to be used on either side, since there's a section cut out for access to on/off and eject buttons(really just the on/off button, since it wouldn't block the eject button).
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Oh. Will putting it the way I do damage the PS3 Slim or have any bad side effects?

yes there is a major side effect the text will be upside down. (don't know about the slim though)
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Oh. Will putting it the way I do damage the PS3 Slim or have any bad side effects?

well without a stand, it could easily fall over, so id just set it down until you can get one
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Here's a picture of the stand: http://www.slashgear.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/Sony_PlayStation_3_slimline_stand1.jpg Notice that it has room for it to be put both ways and not interfere with the buttons/disc insertion. So, I think it was designed to be put either way.
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nothing bad will happen like to the hardware, vertical always runs off the risk of falling over. if you want it vertical get the stand, the original model had enough stability that it didnt need one, but the slim is obviously not as stable
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any final verdict on this question?

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vertical is better. just make sure you have a stand or something so it doesnt fall over.
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actually referring to the question of whether it's bad to put it on vertical on the right side (disc on lower side) and thus better to put it on vertical on the left side (disc on upper side)... any disadvantages for the former?
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ahh that im not sure of. why not just put it on top??
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As long as you don't block the air vent (and that's impossible, because it's on the rear, not on the right side like the fat model) you'll probably be ok!

Bear in mind that the left side is actually heavier, so the most stable vertical position is with the left side on the bottom!

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Conclusion: I ultimately just decided to put it horizontal, but I did find out that putting it on the right side does no harm whatsoever to the Slim model, so it doesn't make any difference. This is not true for the original PS3 model, however, for there is a vent on the right side. So you must put the PS3 original on its left side if you're going to put it vertical, but it doesn't matter for the Slim. Just don't put it upside down.
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Hello, Im a new PS3 user..just bought one yesterday. I have the same space problem on my desk so I decided to mount it vertically... Unfortunatelly i didnt know about left and right side. Can anyone explain why is not safe with the blu ray unit down? I didnt know about this so i used it like 2 or 3 houres in that position and now i just wonder if something could be broke because of that. thanks in advance