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Hi guys I made a thread yesterday in regards to whether or not to get the PSV. In talking to some folks, it has brought to me as a much less expensive option to just get a PSP. My question is if the PSP is still a viable platform or should I just jump in with the PSV?
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Hi guys I made a thread yesterday in regards to whether or not to get the PSV. In talking to some folks, it has brought to me as a much less expensive option to just get a PSP. My question is if the PSP is still a viable platform or should I just jump in with the PSV?ShoTTyMcNaDeS
The PSP's dead and has been for a while, get the Vita.
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There's barely any new games with the PSP, but if you still want to play the good old PSP games, go with the PSP as it's a more cost effective solution until PS Vita game library is more established.

But the Vita is a great system, I just hope devs are putting real efforts into developing for it.

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Vita, no question.
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I would get Vita, psp is dead in the west. If you live in Japan though the psp wouldn't be bad for a couple years of fun as it's still getting games.

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A PSP might not be a bad choice, either. But I guess you have to ask yourself what all you want from the handheld.

I know just a few days ago in another thread here, there were some users talking about how they played their PSPs for the first time in a while, and they were saying how outdated they seemed now compared to the Vita. One of the major points was that the Vita apparently has a much better screen than the PSP, and both systems have different buttons - their opinions seemed to differ on the buttons, some people actually liked the PSP's buttons better, some liked the Vita's.

As far as games go, if you are willing to buy your games digitally or second-hand, then it would be a pretty decent choice. The PSP had a lot of games, it's just that games stopped being made for the system prematurely, due to rampant emulation or something. Just keep in mind that stores like Gamestop might not have a very big selection of PSP games anymore, so you may need to shop online for games.

But then you have to consider if you'd like to play some newer games, too. The Vita is much more modern and cutting-edge than the PSP, and its games can look as good as stuff on the PS2 and sometimes even the PS3.

If anything on the Vita is looking interesting to you, you might want to debate whether it's worth spending more for that. It also has several downloadable Vita games, which aren't playable on the PSP, so you might get a PSP and hear about these games and be disappointed because they aren't compatible with the PSP. And the Vita can't play PSP game UMDs, so the only way to play PSP games on the Vita is by downloading them on PSN. And not every single PSP game is available on PSN. The Vita also has much more expensive memory cards, which are necessary for using the system. If you went with the PSP, you would cost yourself a lot more money in the long run if you decided you wanted to get a Vita one day.

I posted a list in the other thread of current Vita games. Well, there is probably another list on Wikipedia of PSP games. Check that out if you want to see what kinds of games that system had.

At the end of the day, an older game can be just as fun as a newer one. I think you need to decide whether you want to take a gamble on the Vita and its fledgling (but fun) library of games, or if that's something you don't want to be a part of right now.

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I think the PS Vita is a worthy investment. It took a great sale to convince me to buy one, and having never played the PSP I can't compare the two, but I can say it's easily the best experience I've had with a handheld, even with the limited time I've owned it.
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I'd recommend buying both, because the PSP is quite cheap to get and most UMD games are cheap to get the only games you can't play on the Vita and are only on UMD are games like Kingdom Hearts and FF VII Crisis Core

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PSP surely has a larger/superior games library but i'd still get a PSV.. Personally I always opt for the latest hardware/system since when buying something i look at its future and support for PSP is basically dead..

You may read loads of 'PSV is Doomed' articles or posts in forums but in reality am sure the system will pick up... 2013 is already looking better and surely Sony will announce more games and a possible price-cut will boost sales as well..

I think you should go with the PSV !!

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In North America the PSP is "dead" there are no new games for PSP in 2013. In Japan the PSP is still supported and there are game for PSP still being released in 2013. You are best getting a PSvita

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If you've waited this long and don't have a PSP yet then I'm sure you can wait until more games come out for the Vita by the end of the year. In this case you're better of enjoying the PSP, buying all the games on the cheap, and being able to get larger capacity memory card that's cheap as well. Tons of people out there still enjoy their PSP including myself so don't be discouraged by the hipsters:P