psp usb connection help

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#1 Posted by lockman9 (13 posts) -

my psp conection is ok but when i press the removable disk(psp connection) it says access is denied.Please help...:cry:

#2 Posted by Spider-Jim (335 posts) -

I don't understand , what says access denied the PSP or the computer?

You should be able to plug it in, turn on the psp go to"settings" then "usb connection" press x and the rest happens by itself. You should see a message like"please wait loading" and then a window will pop up in windows .

#3 Posted by evlon (2 posts) -
omg I have the same problem. Happened all of a sudden. Its the computer side that says access denied when attemping to open to removable disk drive which is the psp's.
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when your psp is connected to computer press start, then go to my computer then click removable disk. the letter by it will change depending on if you have anything else connected.
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I've solved it,your having these problems because there is no memstick.ind file.You should format the memory stick if you want to

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ohh thats an easy one if u want to solve the problem u have 2 ways

1.- format your memory stick and with that u can access ur memory by clicking on the storage device

2.- if you want to keep your data just click on the storage devicewhere the psp supposedly iswith second button of ur mouse and click the option explore
PRESTOOOOOO!!!!u accessed ur memory stick with no probs still if u click on the storage device icon on my pc will continue to
deny the access maybe there are some corrupted files that need to be erased that happens alot with my mp3 3 gb memory stick too.