Psp Problem: Power wont turn on. but there's a light in Hold.

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#1 Posted by narldeo (2 posts) -
last night I am playing psp and then today my psp wont turn on and also not charging.. there's no light coming from the Power.. but when i tried in the Hold there is a power and it is yellowish. I have read forums regarding this topic but it seams that It wont work for my problem.. ..i have also tried the following: 1. Charge psp w/ battery 2. charge psp w/o battery 3. Changing the cord of my AC adapter.. 4. Changing the AC adapter.. ..i dont know what is the caused of this. "Any Help is appreciated." Thank you guys.
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That might be the first documented case of the PSP getting a YLOD.

I'm sorry my friend, I'm not sure how I could help.

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what is a YLOD? (sorry for asking.) that's ok. Thank you :D .. first i dont want to give it to a technician because maybe the solution is that easy.. :) additional information: last monday my problem is that the psp wont charge, maybe because of the AC adapter.. so i buy one.. then last night the charger that I bought wont charge the psp.. plus the psp wont turn on.. *sigh*
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ylod= yellow light of death.. only happens on the ps3.. that yellow light isnt actually a light, its just a yellow thing to tell you that your psp is on hold lol. i think you should send it to the technician if none of the other solutions worked, the only other thing you could try is change your battery, though i doubt it would work

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I guess that the battery may have shorted out and maybe getting a new battery will get it working again. But I don't really know. I've never tried running my PSP from the charger, without the battery installed, so to verify.

In that, if the PSP typically works without a battery from a charger, well, then you know that something is wrong with your PSP, because your's isn't working that way. But it may be normal for it to not work from the A/C cord without a battery. In which case... it may be the battery that has shorted and needs replacing.

Don't have my PSP near me, at the moment, to verify....

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Psp Problem: Power wont turn on. but there's a light in Hold when i switch it to Hold. This happened when i was playing my Psp and my battery fell out... i know your the heck did your battery fall out. but it happens sometimes so don't question :D. well anyways after it fell out i but it back in and this problem occurred. i tried to charge it but it didn't work. the only thing that worked was the Hold option on the Psp for some reason. PLEASE HELP ME :D I was thinking that my battery was like broken or something but i but it in my friends Psp and it still worked!!!