PSP no longer turns off

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#1 Posted by istuffedsunny (6984 posts) -

It always goes to standby for some reason. Anyone had this happen? It's a 2000 model, had it for about 5 years but this started happening less than a year ago. No matter how long I hold the button it keeps going to standby

#2 Posted by Toxic-Seahorse (4185 posts) -
Why do you need it to turn completely off? I always kept mine in standby.
#3 Posted by final_lap (327 posts) -

Did you try exiting the game first? Pursuit Force doesn't let you power off or standby the PSP, so maybe other games have weird rules like that.

Maybe the system is just old, so the power switch mechanism is giving way. But at least it still works. Like the poster above me, I rarely power off the PSP. (when I first got a PSP, I didn't even know how to power it off.. I thought standby was the only option.)

Also maybe there is a system setting that affects it. Like maybe there is a setting that disables powering off or standby. Maybe it's worth taking a look just to be sure.

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im thinking the switch is going bad.  5years old isnt too bad, but if you've used it heavily it's only a matter of time.  id try looking in settings and then see if it matters if you're playing a game, or if it does anything different from the main menu