PSP need recommendation for a death math shooting game (play offline)

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#1 Posted by MyTng (3 posts) -
Hi guys, I know one game that have single player math mode, Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron but this game is not good enough for a shooting game I tried Metal Gear Solid, Resistance Retribution and Syphon Filter but in single player you can only play story mode. So is there any other game that have death math mode (*in single player) or capture flag... like counter strike? Thank for your advices.
#2 Posted by Mario_Eater (344 posts) -
Off the top of my head I can suggest Medal of Honour: Heroes (1 or 2). Once you get past the fiddly controls (although that's to be expected for a FPS on PSP), it has a decent 'multiplayer death match' offline mode filled with bots.
#3 Posted by Granpire (2749 posts) -
Single player capture the flag? Yuck. Isn't the whole fun of playing those modes the competitive aspect? That's why story modes are there, so you can have a more focused experience that gives you more of a challenge. I think the Fireteam Bravo games have these modes, but I'm not sure if they're playable in single-player.
#4 Posted by MyTng (3 posts) -
thank you guys for the suggestions Medal of Honour Heroes 1 have Skirmish mode :D that's what I'm looking for (though there's no team deathmath) . Btw MoH Heroes 2 only have Campaign and Multiplayer mode, like most of other shooting games :(