PSP Go scanline issue

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Actually thought the PSP Go is free of scanlines, but to my surprise, my unit has them. I'm not sure if they are the same as on the PSP 3000, since they only show up around the edges of the screen, especially when there is vertical movement in-game, and also when the whole PSP is moved back and forth, looking like this:

Anyone seen this before? Why is it just around the edges? Can it be fixed, somehow?

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its a feature of the PSP go... and no you cannot get rid of them...
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Well, what a crap then.. But where do you have that information from? I've searched the internet for hours, without finding anything about this specific issue. From what I've read, the people either have the scanlines on their Go permanently or not at all. Having them only around the edges seems unique to me, no reports about that yet.

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I have that same issue on the PSP 1000 and it wasn't there when I first bought it.

It kinda aged and turned like that.:? And no there is no way to fix it.

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that would bug me
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Wow, that would drive me all kinda crazies...


I have a 2000, and I've been thinking about getting a Go just for my PSOne games... Is this an evident condition from the XMB screen at all, or only when the unit is displaying a game? The reason why I ask is I would like to avoid buying a Go with prominent scan line issues.

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In my case, it doesn't matter what content is displayed. The scanlines are visible all the time, whenever there's vertical scrolling on the screen (like when moving a character up and down in a 2D game). In the XMB, the lines are only seen when the PSP Go is moved back and forth itself since vertical scrolling is not possible there. Btw, my unit has the scanlines since the very beginning, it was brand new.

Well, anyone else who can comment on this matter? I wonder if every PSP Go is affected or not.