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My friends I am very angry with sony I bought funds to psn ​​plus when I download the game and he's popped in Hd just got 60 seconds to play after it expires because? here in Brazil nobody knows help me I'll have your answer quickly here is the new console has 2 days of use the account too, ja ja deactivated activated the system did not work. already spent $ 100 .... please people help me because this is happening to me here you will see that my account is in valid for 12 months. psn this failing? here are 2 videos I made at home please help me ...

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It looks like you downloaded a full game trial. They are basically demos available only to PS Plus subscribers. They're free to download and you can play for 1 hour before deciding whether or not to buy it.

If you have bought the game since (The funds in your virtual wallet will have been spent. You should also receive an email that confirmed the purchase), if it is still not working, then try deleting and re-downloading it.

After that, your best option is to contact Sony.

These are the only numbers I could find for Brazil:

  • 4003 SONY (7669) for the metropolitan region and the capital
  • 0800 880 SONY (7669) other locales

There should be more information in the box your PS3 came in.