PSN Down (24th Aug 2014?

Posted by CrusaderProphet (54 posts) 3 months, 4 days ago

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Anyone having issues signing into PSN? It is 6:30 AM EST in USA on 24-Aug-2014 and I am being timed out, tried hard reboot already of both PS3 and PS4. Their scheduled maintenance is supposed to start on Monday (Aug 25th, 2014). For reference here is a link below:

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I'm getting an 807 error on both ps3 and ps4. Plus I can't log into psn through pc and tablet. Tried both my cellphone dns and home

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Yes it's down here in The Netherlands as well, there's a rumour going that it's hacked by a group named Lizardsquad. And apparently they've taken down some servers as well.

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PS3 I am online it is just PS4 and when I tried to play PVZ it stated Server is undergoing Maintenance.

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PS3 & PS4 both signed off. Hopefully this means they can get started on tomorrows update early and have it back up by tomorrow.

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Supposedly Sony got DDOSed by a hacker group known as LizardSquad. PSN has been down here as far as I know since 3:30 AM, it is now 2:30 PM.

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I just bought the last of us remastered and it installed the disc and update on my ps4, but the game doesn't boot up? It just shows a static black and white screen of Joel and the girl (forgot her name) holding guns. Anyone else have this problem? It's annoying, cuz all I wanna do is play some single player.

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@general_solo76: I did get the same thing. Just give it some time, take like 10 min to load but it will work.

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@bri000: yep, it worked after I let it stay on that screen for awhile. Whew, thanks, I thought I bought a defective disc for awhile there. Lol

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Damn basement dwellers. I get one or 2 days a week I can play games. Today was my day. Not anymore. What a bunch of losers.

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it was down for me earlier but its working now i live on the east coast of the united states

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LizardSquad made a bomb threat on flight 362 that had Sony Online President John Smedley on board. The plane then changed course and landed in Phoenix for a security check. LizardSquad himself says his name is Brian Willson from Las Vegas and he's trying to get the XBOX Live servers down right now. FBI, Homeland Security and NSA are now probably out to get him at this moment. I don't think he finds it all that funny when he's dragged into court for a terrorist attack.

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I just can't understand why they/he would do such a thing... frankly, I find it a bit scary.

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you know what really sucks, i still cant sign in and i really wanted to buy persona 4 arena while it was on the flash sale :/

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down for me here in colombia :s

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Sony had a DDoS attack from somebody claiming to be from ISIS. Bunch of idiots

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Fine here in Australia, what happened anyway? its been fine here all weekend and now Monday afternoon.

Its kind of fun we are so far away from other countries, attacks like this most of the time affect us last, or in this case, not at all :)

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I'm not having trouble currently, but I was out watching a movie.

Also these hackers are attacking Blizzard, Steam, and Xbox Live as well.

Xbox LIVE Servers Now Limited due to DDoS Attacks

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@SolidTy: yup.

Well, FBI is on their ass now. Bomb threatening/shutting down an airport will get your ass in jail for sure.

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PS3 servers are up, I was just playing ME3 MP.

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@dhmatt90 said:

@SolidTy: yup.

Well, FBI is on their ass now. Bomb threatening/shutting down an airport will get your ass in jail for sure.

LOL, FBI cant do much anyway, a twitter name and account is all they got, and anyone in any country can say "insert name" did it and this guy/girl is "insert location".

Its fairly easy to mask your location and/or pretend your from somewhere else, this person(s) wont be caught quick.

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@GTR12: lol no

have all the proxies you want or whatever. They ARE catching him.

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That's assuming he's from the US or a country which has extradition treaties with the US, otherwise he can taunt the FBI all he wants and they cant touch him.

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@GTR12: Yea, you've got a point there...

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@TheFlush: Should lock him/her/them up in Guantanamo Bay and throw away the key. No trial or jury, just treat it as a hostile terrorist attack.

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30 minutes ago articles started floating on the net about the lizard squad doing the same thing to xbx live. Crazy how this kid or person is not only taking out the online gaming community. They also had a plane diverted with a bomb scare. Stuff just got real.

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League of Legends, Battle-net and Live are also down and the same group made a bomb threat against the president of Sony Computer Entertainment aswell

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you need a poll for this?