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Despite promising myself that I'll hold off on getting a PS4 until late this year I'm getting an unexpected bonus next week through work and have nothing better to spend my money on.

...Soooo onto my question. What's the stock situation like in the UK? I've tried all the local outlets and online places (Argos, Curry's, Tescos etc...) but everywhere is sold out. Where's the best place to pick one up on the high street? Or is it a case of still sold out everywhere?

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ASDA or TESCO instore, they are getting them every few days, no where is sold out everyone is getting stock all the time, online stores are going to stay sold out for awhile but your'll be able to pick one up easily, but your'll have to do some leg work.

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If you can't wait in store is probably best. Argos seem to get stock too and ASDA and Tesco are a good shout.

There's a good place to try and catch online stock. You can always get the Killzone bundle and try and trade it in if you don't want it. Doubt you'd get much for it though as there's certainly a load of preowned copies cut to £35 (maybe lower now) at my local GAME.

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Online stores have some, i got mine) and have one or two still available. The big stores won't have them, but in store you have a better chance I would say, most big cities will have at least a handful of stores with one or more left, just go in, also don't forget stores that you wouldn't immediately think of, WHSmith was stocking them last I checked and if you don't mind second hand Cash Generators might have them, maybe even be unopened!

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Thanks for the replies guys. Been away over the weekend so not had a chance to reply. Much appreciated. Getting my new PS4 next Monday.