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Ok I got my ps4 today from Gamestop and did a quick check to see it works. It seem like it was working beside making some odd noises so I turn it off and left for while with the game inside it. When I got back it turn itself on and the disc was ejected. thought that was strange and I could hear the disc drive clicking and was trying to push something out. after turning off it and turn on a couple of time (different methods like inserting the disc first off it was off) it finally resolve itself. thought actually sitting down and mess with it like watching a movie on Netflix, and out of no where it just turn off as if someone pull the plug. It turn on after awhile but im thinking turning it back to gamestop and getting another ps4 just in case.

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Yeah I was just exchange it just to be safe, I mean they can't refuse you especially since you bought it the day before.