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When do you think PS4 will have it's first price drop?

I ask as I can get one from duty free where I don't have to pay tax on it.

Though as I don't really care for next gen right now, I would very happily wait for a price drop so that I could get it for even cheaper.

But when will this price drop be you guys think?

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In 2 years or so but I wouldn't hold my breath.

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The slim ps4 comes out with $50 price drop in 2 years.

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When they release the ps4 slim.

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oh dear... ok forget the price drop. But let's say the console alone is being sold for £350 presently in the UK.

So in a years time or less, won't they be announcing any bundles around that price point.

I might just get it for xmas otherwise.

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A price drop for the PS4? The console has not even launched and you want a price cut. $400.00 is a great price. If your waiting for a PS4 price drop you will be waiting a long time.

Start saving now and eventually you will have enough for the PS4 console. Best Buy gift cards, Future shop gift cards, Amazon gift cards, EB games gift cards, Sears gift cards, Walmart gift cards, Whatever you favorite retail is most have gift cards you can buy. Just save up the $400.00 and $60.00 for at game.

The PS3 started at $600.00 in November 2006 for a brand new console. The PS3 has just reached $200.00 for a brand new console in Oct 2013

So waiting for a price drop on the PS4 is not the best way. just save up and you will be able to buy it long before a price drop happens. At least 3 years before a PS4 price drop happens.

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I don't think you can expect a price drop for at least 2 years

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The system is already priced reasonably low that a price drop will probably not be over 50$ Is saving $50 really worth 2 years? A significant price drop might occur towards the end of the PS4, but by then a new console will be released.

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@sukraj said:

In 2 years or so but I wouldn't hold my breath.

Pretty much this. The people claiming to be waiting for a price drop are deluding themselves or already gaming on PC.

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lol@talking about a price drop before a system is even out. Happens every time.. no one can predict when a price drop will happen, if thats what your waiting for then your just better off getting the system at launch.. unless you don't mind waiting years while the rest of us enjoy all the upcoming games.

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It would be so insignificant to even care about

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A price drop even when it's at $400 already? Is this comment for real...? I'll probably be 2 years before it drops, and when it does, it'll only be by $50 - $75. Are you REALLY gonna wait 2 years just for it drop 50 - 75 bucks? If so, your logic and way of thinking needs to be re-evaluated... Oy... I'm leaving this thread before I really come unglued...

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400$ is actually an amazing price. In Europe, you have to pay more, in some countries much more, to get a PS4. So.

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I'd say if sales are bad early in the year and throughout the summer, like only a bit better than the Wii U's 50k per month, then GamesCom 2014 we'll see a $50 price cut. If sales are okay or good we won't see one until E3 2015 or GamesCom 2015 when it will drop to $299.

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@Megavideogamer: You un-do your own point. The PS3 had price dropped by $200 within 10 months. The Xbox, Dreamcast and Cube all dropped by $50-$100 within 7 months. The PS1 dropped $100 within 7 month in addition to the N64.

Price drops are much, much more common on new hardware than you think. The PS4 will not be immune to it. You don't know how the market will react. Gamers on GSPOT and GAF can go nuts for the thing online but if the casual consumer doesn't care it will need something to motivate them to jump on board. It happens.

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Here in the UK its bloody expensive, Im certainly waiting for a price drop and a bigger HDD.

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Dude, seriously with the PS4 being released at 400.00bks, it's going to be a while...why would you even ask this early?

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@Oemenia said:

Here in the UK its bloody expensive, Im certainly waiting for a price drop and a bigger HDD.

Yes, it's also expensive in UK.

In Europe, gamers adore PS. But, we have to pay too much to get the consoles. Life is not fair.

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i'll go with the others and say it will be a few years before a price drop. sony took forever to drop the ps3's price and that was a system that desperately needed to be less than that $600 (and whatever it was abroad) launch price. the ps4 is coming into the generation having seemingly the least pressure on the price tag (it's perceived as more powerful than xb1 while $100 cheaper and it's perceived to be a generation ahead of the wii u while only a few dollars more in price).

your best chance is some kind of bundle that increases value rather than any kind of price drop and that might even happen via a retailer this holiday season. i suppose it comes down to whether there are games you want near launch though.