PS4 issues (replacement console).... can anyone help?

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Ill try and keep this as short as possible.

My first PS4 failed and it was replaced by Sony.

The replacement console shows the dlc I had on my original PS4 but it wont let me access it.

After a month of emails from sony their only answer is..........

"deleting your user and formatting the console. However it should be noted this will delete any saved data you have stored on it.

If after a complete format of the console you are still experiencing this same issue it may unfortunately be due to a hardware issue.

If that is the outcome, please call our Support Centre again and we can get this console replaced for you."

To be honest im pissed at this point.

I installed a new 1.5tb hd in the replacement console before running it for the first time..... so I still have the "brand new/unused" original 500 gb hd.

Is all the consoles data stored on the hd?

If I put the original hd in and install the os update, then create a new user will this be the same as formatting my 1.5tb hd?

I really don't want to format the 1.5tb hd!!!!

Sony customer service is a joke.

Can anyone answer my question?

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try calling them....i find its faster that way.... i know its old school but it still works

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this is from an email they sent me after I called them

Just did the swap and re initialize and it didn't work.

I doubt its an issue another replacement console will fix but I guess ill find out...

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Actually you should really wait until they fix their problems with the PS4. People who bought it on launch are stupid

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Actually you should really wait until they fix their problems with the PS4. People who bought it on launch are stupid

Hate much? I bought it on launch and have had no problems with it. It's been a great experience so far, overall. Does that make me stupid also?

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the trolls are everywhere.....

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@jasean79: Sorry if I made you mad lol but it's true. My cousin learned that the hard way when he bought his. It overheated and got a Red Line Of Death. He got it replaced and it still kicking it.. doubt his replacement will last

Go have fun with your overheated system

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You making yourself sound like retarded child doesn't make anyone mad.... it makes us laugh. lol.

Your parents are obviously cousins or something cart man.

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Call them & talk to them. That's the only way you're going to get to the solution & give your PS4 plenty of ventilation in front & back & don't stand it up as that blocks off one entire side of the ventilation.

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Sent the second console back yesterday and should get a new one in a week but I doubt thatll fix the issue.

Problem is call centre staff constantly lie about call back periods etc.

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Ok so I got the new PS4 today and surprise, surprise..... No change I still cant access my original DLC.

On the upside it turns out that 3 is the magic number of PS4s you have to go through to get a supervisor to call you. They say I will recieve a call in the next 24 - 48 hours.

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Have you redownloaded the DLC? What game is it for?

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For example killzone says it has 5 add on's in the library.

I click into it and on 4 out of the 5 items it says "This content cannot be accessed at this time."

The only one I can access is the one I purchased with cash recently just to test if I could buy anything.

Ive got another thread going on over here too:

Trust me Ive tried everything a customer could try.....

Love Meth by the way.... just wish he'd show up to his fucking shows (3 x ive brought tix to his shows... 3 x he didn't show up).

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oh and its Killzone, AC IV and Marvel Lego.