Ps4 graphics do look better than PS3

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Weird but for some reason, at first I couldn't tell much of a difference. But I've been playing the PS4 games at GameStop and have been looking at a lot of new PS4 games an upcoming games, and now whenever I play PS3 I feel like I'm playing a console with some graphics that have actually aged. Is that how you feel? You don't notice the difference at first, but then when you go back to PS3, then you start to truly see it? I think the reason this happened was because of unrealistic expectations when PS4 came out. I'm playing Infamous on PS3 right now and the graphics are not as good as Infamous 2nd Son. Everything about the PS4 graphics just look better, more detailed, more colorful, and much prettier.

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i haven't touched my ps3 since december... :(

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My ps3 is collecting dust.

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There is huge difference in frames/sec ,gfx, anti aliasing and colors .

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That's pretty much how every new console starts. Look at 'Perfect Dark' for Xbox 360 when that launched with the system and compare it to Gears of War 3 even. The graphics have greatly improved over the years as developers started utilizing more and more of the system's power. I suspect it will only get better from here on out for the PS4.

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I felt the same way and the exact same thing happen to me when ps3 came out. I remember thinking ps2 looked great and I had no issues with it, then I played ps3 and when I went back to ps2 I started noticing how the graphics weren't good anymore.

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I would hope so. I don't have a PS4 yet, but I'm still fine with how most PS3 games look. I was actually quite impressed with how some its later games like The Last of Us, GTAV, and BioShock Infinite looked on it. I feel there are plenty of games I could play 5 years or so from now and not have to adjust too much because of how it looks. Of course, I say all of that without having experienced the PS4. So I wonder if that same thing will happen to me. But I still feel PS3 games will age much better than PS2 games did.