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Dang, I dont know if people hate the award or the game.

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It's kind of weird to have one with the console only being out for 1.5 months of 2013.

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Ignore the trolls and haters, brother.

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People are strangely passionate about ridiculous things. Who the cares that the consoles have been out a couple months? I don't, but a lot of people do for some reason. At least xbox and ps people can be on the same page for a change and complain about the same thing.

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There are only like 7 games out there so it can't really be to important. It's not like there's much of a choice.

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Assassin's Creed IV was my main PS$ launch title and I am loving it (except for the fact that the Ubisoft servers never connect and it causes the game to crash every so often...lame!).

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i wasn't aware that there was hate towards the selection but, like most people here, i don't know why it would. it's pretty pointless to pick a "game of the month on a platform that still needs to get up and running." i mean, you don't see this sort of pomp after january or february. the GotY for platforms that have been out all year serve as an opportunity to look back on the year in gaming and discuss some titles from a broad range of efforts. nobody is going to remember any PS4 or XB1 launch games.

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I guess you could say this is the best game on PS4 right now, it's pretty slick even though the game is way too easy for it's own good.

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well, it's released in 2013, right???

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haterz will hate

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AC IV is my GOTY on PS4, it's amazing.