PS4 games retail price is 10£ higher?

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So after I saw the prices of games on PSN ( 54.99£ ) I checked amazon and couple other web sites. Turns out games for PS4 are now 49.99£. Will the games in EU be more expensive or they will lower the price on 29?

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Unfortunately this is true, i noticed EA has been pricing their FIFA games at £55 on launch day even on current generation. I found some good deals on eBay though, so you can check on there for PS4 games at £45

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They always do this when consoles just release. Don't expect the prices of ps4 games to go down anytime soon, they know that between now and march so many people will be buying ps4's and with the usual short supply of new games in that period, the only games customers can buy are the ones already out. So they keep the prices the same for longer than you would see right now on ps3.

When more ps4 games start to release and the competition rises, expect to see prices go back the ps3 standard. Until then, search around and you will still find normal prices. I picked up FIFA 14 on ps4 for £41 on ebay, sealed.

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But in US it's still 60$. I hope that they will lower the price.

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With taxes, the price tags will be ridiculous in Turkey, and countries alike.

People has already started selling PS4 games online via our own eBay, even though the official PS4 lauch is on December 13th here. The cheapest one is Battlefield 4, and it's 75$. Add taxes, it'll be sky-high, if not already. No wonder, our black market is growing in numbers each day.

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I rang GAME Nottingham today and they told me any games I buy with my console will cost me £44.99.

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@jonesy1911: So it's 5£ higher. But on PSN it's 15£ higher. This is ridiculous

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I'm glad others are annoyed by this, i thought i was the only one lol.

These prices are just ridiculous, i bought a few games to go with my ps4 but unless the prices start going down i'll just be buying pc version for half the price.