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I don't know about you guys but none of my friends have PS4 yet and I don't have anyone on my friends list so can I have some names to add? :D

PSN - PrincessKilla416

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blicenshin , I will mostly be playing killzone multiplayer!

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PSN: EStang93

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I will have my PS4 soon... PSN ID: Surfer-N-Thief

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Boutdat26 only have cod ghost right now

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PSN: strotee (AC4, PS+ games)

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PSN: swaffles23

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I have CoD Ghosts, BF 4, KZ SF

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Psn- Superfly310

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playing cod ....danlevm55

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NeverDeadly - Killone ShadowFall is my only Online multiplayer game. So if you have it. Add me now and send me a message saying Killzone. Thanks! Please HAVE A MIC

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PSN - RampagingBobcat

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PSN ID: SouthEastMendez

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PSN: ProfessorRance

Playing Killzone and Battlefield. Picking up Need for Speed and NBA2K tomorrow.

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I'll have a ps4 next month on December 13.

Feel free to add me. Btw isn't the friends limit like a 1000 now?


I will not be using a mic because my english accent sucks.

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Only have Killzone so far and i got the marvelous PS4 mic (a.k.a. cheap cell phone earbud + mic)

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Got BF4 Killzone and AC4

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Add me DOTZ-313

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Ghosts, Killzone SF, NBA 2k14

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I'm being completely serious, add me


I have a slew of the titles so anything from Battlefield to NBA 2K14 to Need for Speed hit me up

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@princesskilla: blanford and I have AC4,Injustice,COD Ghosts,Need For Speed Rivals,Killzone,and BF4.

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PSN--- wase1212

mostly on Killzone:SF and NFS Rivals (games hella fun surprisingly) also looking to start a Warframe crew (only just started so beginners/people who haven't already paid so much money for items and what not)

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Feel free to add me: BluesDrive-

With the dash at the end.

I have: FIFA 14, Battlefield 4, and AC 4.

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psn id- rawgator

Launch games- AC4, BF4, COD, NBA 2K14, Need for Speed, Killzone, Injustice

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Hey guys. Playing BF4, COD, KZ, and Marvel Lego. Feel free to add me. PSN Seredays

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Looking for friends as well, my PSN is - BlindestNinja, playing COD Ghosts, but Killzone this week!

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Yeah all my friends went Xbone, but being as stubborn as I am, I still went PS4

Anyone add me if you want, I have no one to play with lol


ps-tell me you are from here

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PSN: euphorian85

I play COD and Killzone! Add me if you want

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Friday EU launch

PSN: tosyn_88

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Games: KZ, NBA 2k14, NBA Live 14, and BF 4

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MarcRecon in the house!!! I don't have PS plus yet, so I can't play any MP games for a few months! I have to many MP games on my PS3 and 360 that I'm still enjoying...but you can add me if you want.

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Feel free to add me up...Doozie78

KZ, resogun and warframe right now but that will expand as soon as more games come around.