PS3 to Monitor - Sound?

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#1 Posted by Velric (3789 posts) -
Is there any way to get sound from your PS3 that is connected to your monitor if your monitor does not have speakers? I have external speakers and I am curious if I need to hook the PS3 up to them in some fashion if I want to use the system with my monitor.

#2 Posted by Dilrod (4247 posts) -
I think you can use the digital out also with the hdmi slot. Not 100% about that though.
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Anyone else?
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i need to know that too.
#5 Posted by emitsu97 (10720 posts) -
Use your Multiout Composites that came in the box. Pick up a Y adapter to convert the red and white connections to a mini stereo plug. Also pick up an inline mini stereo to mini stero adapter to plug your external speakers into assuming they use a mini stereo plug. Total cost is around $12 @ RadioShack.
#6 Posted by jwat4 (1934 posts) -
You could use a reciever or set of speakers that has an optical input, you have to use the optical out as you source for sound if your using an HDMI cable and inputing video into something without speakers.