PS3 system update problem

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#1 Posted by mf1986 (706 posts) -

hi, so this morning i turned my PS3 and it asked to update the system software, cant remember the version. it downloaded it and when it wants to install it it gets stuck on 99% for 30mins.

i reset the PS3 and again in downloaded the updated and got stuck in intalling on 99% for the past 2 hours.

is it just me? last time i used the PS3 was 2 nights ago so my PS3 was up to ate with system software.

any suggestion beside using a hammer?

#2 Posted by ksire_68 (1211 posts) -

Try downloading the update through your computer and putting it on a flash drive, then plug it in your PS3 and update it through there.

#3 Posted by mf1986 (706 posts) -

the ps3 doesnt let me do anything, as soon as i resst it ( and i only can reset it via unpluging the power), it goes into the installing screen and start installing from the and the get stuck on 99% again :(

#4 Posted by einzfunf (69 posts) -

i think the best solution is to talk to a ps3 system technician about it, cos that is over my head.

#5 Posted by homeboylizard (1289 posts) -

Ummmm...Is it hot? Because if it maybe have a damaged Hard Disk. AND NO...DON'T TOUCH THE HARD DISK. If it is damaged get the PS 3 to the repair man. Let him do the dirty work.

#6 Posted by mf1986 (706 posts) -

hmm nah it isnt realy hot or anything i guess i better call sony and have a talk, it better not be dead cuz there are so many PS3 games i wana play this year.

#7 Posted by fusionhunter (2009 posts) -

Hold down the on button while it turns on.

#8 Posted by Hammerhead72 (224 posts) -

Never ever turn off the system by unplugging the cord, thats how i damaged/corrupted the harddrive of my first PS3.

#9 Posted by kraken2109 (13160 posts) -

Sounds like you got far enough through installing the new stuff that the old stuff got deleted so you have to install new stuff. Interesting.