PS3 software update fail "brick?"

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Hey guys,

I've taken it upon myself to fix my sisters PS3. I know nothing about consoles so it will be a challenge, but I wanted to hear if you knew what to do before searching through 100's of pages. I haven't received the PS3 from my sister yet, but I'm looking for info to be prepared.

When the console is turned on it immediately tries to update itself, but always fail and displays the error code 80021119. So far I've found no info about that error code so I don't think it will be of much help.

They've tried and failed to put it in safe mode. Can this happen or are they just doing it wrong?

What is the best way to approach this?

Is the software written to the flash on the PS3 or the HDD?

Will backing up data and formatting the HDD help?

How do I force the PS3 to reflash the operating system?

I hope you guys can help me.

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I once bricked my PS3 trying to use other OS. I couldn't put it in safe mode, so I removed the HDD and put it back in and that fixed it.

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This is why I am scared to update to the current one. :(

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Ive updated mine without any problems.

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I would think removing but also maybe replacing the HDD. It's obviously something on the HDD that is bricking the OS. It's similar to a computer so many times I had to clean my HDD's and than the computer would run like new. The PS3 itself is probably fine.

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So while the HDD is removed. Can I reinstall the OS on the PS3? I don't think the OS is on the HDD, or is it?

I will backup the data on my PC while I format the HDD, it looks like the data should be compatible with with my PC, as long as I don't launch anything.

When I have a clean HDD and put it in the PS3, will it automatically configure it?

I may receive the PS3 later today, so I'll let you guys know what worked out best then or tomorrow.

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Are you able to access the XBM?

I would suggest backing up all data worth saving and factory resetting the console. Any updates can be done via USB so you wont need to be connected to the internet. I would suggest disabling any connection the console has to the net just to be sure.

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I have heard that in certain cases the PS3 automatically configures. But I'm almost positive that the OS isn't on the HDD. I'm sure it will be an easy fix as I have had to clean my PC drives over and over because I download an update for the BIOS and than the PC sometimes wouldn't boot up or other times when it booted it had multiple bugs that apparently downloaded. And these were apparently secured sites. But you should be fine. It may take a couple tries but I'm certain it will work. I personally believe that the PSN has viruses from time to time that get into the system. It would be almost impossible to avoid all viruses. I have had to reinstall Windows about 8 times. I never backed up the HDD I would just wipe it out completely and start over. Pain in the butt although it made the process a lot easier in the long run.

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@RimacBugatti: So far I've removed the HDD, reformatted it to Fat32, put it back in and reinstalled it with a game CD. After the install it tried to apply the update again, and it failed the exact same way as before. It did not recognize the USB so I could install it that way.

My last hope is that an another game cd can fix it, maybe an older game has an older version of the OS embedded, one that works. Then it can be updated over the net. I have not received an another game yet though.

If it doesn't work I'll have to tell them to get it repaired(hardware issue then)

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Yeah it sounds like it may be a RAM issue. I doubt it's the CPU. I would have the same problem when I overclocked my RAM or my CPU. Does anything on the motherboard look fried?

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@RimacBugatti: I'm not going to open it unless I really have to. It is not my console. I know a lot about PC's, but as I stated earlier, nothing about consoles.

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Consoles are different for sure. Can you hear the HDD spinning up? Maybe the HDD isn't getting any power?

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@RimacBugatti: If you start it without a HDD it prompts you with it. It'll say there's no compatible HDD installed. So yes it gets power ^^

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It's possible it has a virus. I'm pretty sure PSN has had viruses passed through but probably not often. But is it possible for a virus to be on the RAM without being on the HDD? I don't know anything about viruses really. Do you know how old the console is?

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@RimacBugatti said:


It's possible it has a virus. I'm pretty sure PSN has had viruses passed through but probably not often. But is it possible for a virus to be on the RAM without being on the HDD? I don't know anything about viruses really. Do you know how old the console is?

A virus can't reside in the RAM. The RAM is cleared when powering down. I don't know how the hardware is put together though. If there's a flash drive inside the PS3 I guess it could vulnerable... If it is, not a clue. I think I would've heard about it while reading. I don't know how old the console is. It is impossible for me to do more before I have an another game disc though.

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@sukraj said:

Ive updated mine without any problems.

Same with my fat PS3. My only gripe is the dog-slow WiFi 802.11G

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I've had 2 PS3s break after updates. I just pay $90 everytime for a new one. Sucks still.

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Yeah I guess you have to play the waiting game. It sucks. Let me know what the outcome is when you find out. I wonder if the PS3 has an internal battery which prevents a complete reset? I always remembered the Sega systems which had internal batteries. I ask because that's what I had to do when resetting my PC.