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Hey. Just wondering how everyone keeps their PS3 ventilated? I recently bought a PS3 Slim & I've noticed that after an hour+ the back of the PS3 is quite warm/hot, & bottom of the PS3 is very hot, with the desk beneath it being very warm also. The HDMI cable at the back, located just under the air vents, has the metal end that becomes very hot also & I'm worried that the heat may cause damage to the cables over time, if not the Slim itself. For the record, the console is as quiet as a mouse (well, compared to my 360 anyway).

Now it is summer here in Australia at the moment, with an average day being 28-32 degrees celcius, so perhaps the warm weather is playing a role, but it isn't very hot or anything. So I'm wondering if perhaps I'm doing something wrong (heard about the power cord being plugged in the wrong way & causing heating problems) or if I should prop it up & have four blocks at each corner to give the bottom some air. Is there much of a difference in heat with a vertical stand?

Also, a few questions:

  • How do you have your PS3 set up? Horizontal, vertical or propped?
  • What is the ambient temperature like normally in the room you play in?
  • How hot is your PS3 after a few hours of gaming at the back, bottom & the metal part on the HDMI cable?
  • Any tips?


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My PS3 Slim is...

1. Flat, not standing.

2. In an open glass shelf.

3. It's about 20 degrees celsius in the room.

4. The PS3 does get warm, but I wouldn't dare to say hot.

5. The shelf where the PS3 sits is only 12 inches or so off the ground.

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My PS3 Slim is set up vertically and it has no overheating issues at all. It barely even gets warm and I live in southern California... You should get the vertical stand. I got a Nyko one for 10 bucks at Best Buy. If I place my PS3 Slim horizontally, then the back of the console gets really hot.
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perth boy here, just make sure u keep plenty of room behind the console (as mich as possible, like 30cm or more of clearance). as long as u have plenty of clearance, u'll be fine. my launch xbox 360 survived several summers in the same possible while being played heavely, would red ring occasionally but bounce back aftwards. i recently changed to a xbxo S now though ;) my PS3 has never hinted at over heating, but these consoles DO GET HOT, JUST LIKE A PC. give it clearance and dont worry, they handle heat better then you do, but that plastic crackle noise is weird though.

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The slim should be fine. If you cant cool your the room you play it in to under 30 degrees then hold off playing until its cooler in the evening.

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I'm from Sydney, and I leave my Slim on for around 6-8 hours and no problems.
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My PS3 used to stand vetical but ever since my dog toppled it over it sits horizontally on top of my other consoles. It is about 12 inches away from the back wall so it can't overheat but i do notice it gets a bit hotter when in the horizontal position. Just keep it 12 inches or so away from the wall, and do not put it on a rug since the carpet absorbs heat and it should be good to go.

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I fixed 4 stand offs(feet) to the bottom of my slim.It stands about 1.5 inches off my coffee table.I hav a small fan in front of slim blowing additional air over/under/thru intake vents.My slim doesn't even get warm'The exhaust vent(s) air is just warm after 5+ hrs on.

In the summer it gets warm here high 20's-low 30'sC/80's-mid 90'sF/....8)

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I have a slim also and when it's flat it does get hot but it's mostly just the power supply and the air vents, so you can assume the coling is doing what its supposed to do... I now have it vertical due to a new desk so i never even bother about the heat.
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I'm from Sydney, and I leave my Slim on for around 6-8 hours and no problems. JasonDarksavior
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