PS3 Slim hdmi port...loose?

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I bought a new hdmi cable...i noticed that the ps3 loses it sound and video image if you wiggle it just a little this normal? it seems like it needs to be in a perfect insert...jus a slight wiggle and it flashes out...

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its not normal.
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its not normal. -ICON-
Definitely not normal, I've just checked mine.
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[QUOTE="-ICON-"]its not normal. MushroomWig
Definitely not normal, I've just checked mine.

Thanks for checking for me! Greatly appreciated. I'm sending this back to amazon.

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this is so weird.

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definetly defected

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It may not be normal but i have installed equipment with hdmi and the wire itself is not very sturdy while connected it pops out quite easily out of some devices unfortunately.