PS3 power supply aps-226 vs aps-231

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I need some help, my power supply is dead ps3 60gb, now I want to buy a new power supply, but I can see that there is 2 models, APS 231(new ps3 models) and APS 226(ps3 60gb), now I need to know which one I have to buy, pls see this:

Model: ZSSR539IA OR APS-226

IN: AC100V-240V
6.0A 50/60Hz
Out: DC+5V: 3A

Model APS-231

AC INPUT: 100V-240V ~ 3.5-1.5A 50/60Hz
DC OUTPUT: =12V--23.5A +5V--0.6A

you can see the APS-231 on ebay, and there says this:

100% Brand new from Sony Factory with original package.
Also if you own an old model like the 60gb and it gets really hot, you can change it with this newer power supply model which does not got hot.
These Power Supplies are universal so they will work on all compatible PS3 units since they can do both 100- 240 volts. I tested it on every model and it worked on every one
It is a Brand New Original Sony PS3 Power Supply
APS-231 for ALL the 20GB 40GB 60GB 80GB ( CECHA01, CECHB01, CECHG01, CECHE01) backwards compatible units.

I can see that the voltage is not the same, but I want to know if I can buy and use the power supply APS-231 in my ps3 60gb without any problem.I really apreciate if someone have the answer.


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im sure you can find it ;)

Or maybe you could stop be jerk and help this man. I am sorry for I not to answer the question, but hopefully some person answer it.
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But seriously, I don't understand. If you know the 60GB PS3 uses the APS-226, just look for that model on ebay. If the seller says its the APS-226 model, then what's there to worry about?
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Because all the ps3 60gb APS-226 power supply on ebay are used, and I want to buy a new one, thats why I want to change the power supply. thanks

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which one is better
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Oh, Gawd! Here you go, this worked for me
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At least for the phat models, it's reported that APS-231 will physically support all existing phat models of PS3. it's also the quietest and most efficient of the power supplies that weer supplied for PS3's, so while it might not be much, running an APS-231 would indeed help your ps3 run a bit cooler, but mostly greener. :)