Ps3 not connecting to internet

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ok well i got my ps3 last christmas and everything is great i have been able to play online ever since last week when i was playing mx vs atv , i tried what all the sites said port fowarding, and disabling the media server , i cant use the web browser or log into my psn, i did a test connection and ip succeeds but the internet connection fails, i went to connecting statues and every says automatic but at nat type it says failed plz any help would be awesome :D

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Wow man you have the same rpoblem i used to have.. well look this is what i do to be able to log on, first go to your PC, Start Menu, then go to "Run..." and type in CMD, a black window will pop up, type in ipconfig /all, your IP Adress along with other important numbers wills pop up, simply input those numbers on your Subnet Mask, Adress, etc. Hope i helped man..
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try turning ur router off and on? could be as simple as that....
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so i just do that and enter the numbers into the ps3 where it says to oh and also i am running directly from the modem since my router wont setup so
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im not running through a router sadly everytime i play online i have to dissconect my pc and plug into my ps3 until i can get a router working :(
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Nah dont trip bout that, you need a modem, well at least if that show u gon do it, but yea input like the subnet mask, ip adress, and that stuff, and make sure the rest of the options are automatic, no proxy server
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k thank you i will reply if i can get it going
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its asking for my default router i do not see it on the list what should i put?
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did you put Wired or Wireless?
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also at the ip config there are 2 things the one above says nection and has settings and the one below says ppp adapter verizon witch settings below them should i use
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Wait up, this is hard for me since im not on my ps3 rite now, hold on
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k sorry about making this a trouble for you

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Aright im guessin right now u gotta input IP Adress, the two DNS Servers, and for default router, put in "Default Gateway" and the Subnet Mask
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ok , for the system ip config there are settings underneath 2 list the one says ppp adapter verizon and the other says intel(r) (some numbers) network connection my best guess is that i use that one
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k im gonna try the intel network connection settings and if they dont work try the others
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do i enable upnp?
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i tried both settings neither worked
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im geting a dns error it says
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Have you tried this?

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Can you ping the ps3 from your PC?
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what does this mean? , im about to try a power cycle thing to see if it works