PS3 Launch Console?

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This is more just too see if anyone out there still have their launch consoles from PS3? I still have my 60Gb Fat PS3 never had an issue got this in June 2006 and have never once had an issue lately i have to keep it cool or it shuts off and restarts mostly with TLOU, but still works flawlessly nonetheless? I swapped out the drive for a 500GB HDD and hope it still has lot life left in it, anyone else in the same boat?

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You are one of the very few people to still have a launch console that still works. Congratulations:-)

Mine crapped out last year after 10000s of hours of gaming. What did you do to make it last this long?

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@Netret0120: Haha wow really!!? Honestly I can't really say what i did right i damn near polished the thing quite a bit lol, but i always kept in a well ventilated area i sometimes even left ion for hours even weeks believe it or not, i would also take a small vacuum to vacuum since it attracted a lot of dust but still working and trucking beautifully!

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I still have my PS3 launch console. I bought the 20GB and upgraded the hard drive. I mainly hard wire all my systems. Still works, I actually preferred the 20GB edition because for one it was cheaper, and I loved the all black design(didn't like the chrome on 60GB). It still works but has been long retired since I ended up getting the PS3 slim.

I ended up packing it all up, and is in the basement. Still was working great when I replaced it.

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@betamaxx83: That's pretty awesome, the reason i had bought my 60GB was because of the Backwards Compatibility it had on it so I wanted to have that feature.

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Sadly my launch 60gb died on me in 2010, it was a beast while it lasted. Now I'm with the new ultra slim, still sucks that I don't have my old game saves.

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I still have my PS2 from 2000. The only problem it had was it stopped reading PlayStation 2 format discs (blue bottoms), and I fixed that by opening it up and realigning the laser, now it reads all discs. I had to do the same thing with my original PlayStation after replacing a lens that stopped working, only to find the replacement lens would only read certain games.

Are launch PS3's just suffering from disc read problems like the console's predecessor, or are these systems crapping out like RROD 360 style where there's no way to fix except by sending it back to the manufacture?

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I still have a working Playstation 3 60 GB November 17th 2006 launch console. Which I bought for the epic spouse. I have a March 2007 PS3 60 GB the last batch before Sony cancelled production of the fabled 60 & 20 gigers. The epic spouse wanted a 60 giger as well. So hunting down a second one was a huge pain.

But I did manage that. Both of the phat 60 GB models still work. Even though I now have a launch PS4. So the Phat PS3 don't see as much use.

Lucky the PS4 seems to be free of hardware issues. Those 60 GB models were prone to dying.

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@Megavideogamer: I hear ya i had some of my friends who bought some 60GB models and they died also, I'm hoping mine does not die as I love my console and have so many memories of it, even the first game i played and so on :)

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@Solid_Max13: i didn't get mine until last year, so no :P

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@The_Last_Ride: You had PS3 launch console or bought a PS3 last year in general?

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@Solid_Max13 said:

@The_Last_Ride: You had PS3 launch console or bought a PS3 last year in general?

No i bought it last year, so i didn't get the original. The PS3 cost 1000 -1200 bucks here

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@The_Last_Ride: Oh wow congrats then!!! I hope it's working great for you!

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My 60gb fatty is still kicking. Hope it lasts, love being able to play PS1&2 games on it.

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@Solid_Max13 said:

@The_Last_Ride: Oh wow congrats then!!! I hope it's working great for you!

i totally made the switch to PS3, the reason i got it now is because the price was only 400 bucks. I did not want to get it for over 1k at launch

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I still have my fat 60gb launch ps3 and its never put a foot wrong once, great console.

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My original launch console lasted about 4yrs before I got a replacement refurb which is still working! It's in my bedroom now as a backup because I picked up the PS3 slim around a year later.