PS3 hdmi issues at start up

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Recently my PS3 won't recognize the HDMI cables at startup. I can turn the system off and then hold the power button until the 2nd beep (where it basically resets the video settings) and get it to work. However the next time I start my console up the HDMI isn't recognized again. I then have to rinse and repeat to be able to play a game. Anyone have this happen or know of a fix? Ps. . . I'm using a PS3 phat that isn't modified an any way with a sony HDTV (non bravia model).
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I am having the same problem

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I'm pretty sure mine is doing the same thing I get a message on my tv saying no input detected press a button on tv remote or tv will turn off in 1 minute
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Is this a problem with the latest download maybe? I think it started happening right after that. . . . My HDMI cables seem to be in working condition so I think it's definitely a problem with the PS3.
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Bump. . .still looking for help if someone knows something.
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Force it only for 720p A weird problem..
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Bump. . .still looking for help if someone knows something. joshuarocker
Try another HDMI cable. The one you're using could be going bad. Make sure you don't have multiple outputs for video selected in the PS3 settings. You could also try using a different HDMI input on your TV, assuming you have more than one. My guess is that it's your cable though. You can a new one for about $5 on amazon.
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Same thing for me, I tried switching ends, blowing on it and then I tried using it on my hdmi 2 and didnt work, then switched ends on it again and it worked.

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Mine works now.

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I have an HDMI switching box. I have noticed on the Xbox360 that if you haven't selected the right HDMI socket on the TV the Xbox360 will not boot, maybe the same thing is happening with the PS3. I switch between both consoles as my Hi-Def TV is over 4 years old and only has 2 HDMI ports. I guess what I'm saying you need to select the right HDMI port before you start up the PS3. In other words the consoles need to see an actively selected HDMI port to boot up!