ps3 freezing need advice :)

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Well this is a wierd one, it freezes all together, not being able to go to the dashboard or w/e you call it on the ps3, no sound, no nothing. Just completely freezes. But heres the weird part, it only happens every now and then and not a constant 15 minutes or anything. I mean I can play Infamous for 6 hours one day, then pop in uncharted the next day and it freezes completely in about an hour. But its not just one game it has happened at one point in time with all my game. If anyone has anyways of fixing this please tell me. I would like my last resort to be getting a slim ps3, oh also its a 40gb ps3.

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Have you installed the 3.0 upgrade? If so, that may be your problem. I'm having serious problems with Uncharted and 3.0.
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Nope no 3.0, its the one before the 3.0 update.

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It's some software glitch in games that causes this to happen. Getting a slim isn't going to make a difference with this problem.
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Could be any number of problems. I'd say it's hardware as opposed to software simply because of being an avid pc gamer for X number of years and dealing with so many little bugs and problems associated with freezing systems. For me, it always turned out to be a piece of plastic that was on its way out. However, it could very easily be a software issue too. I'd be more inclined to think over-heating or a memory bug. What can you do? Be sure it's cool; apart from that not too much unfortunately.
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Herm.. I dun think getting a slim PS3 is the right way to solve this problem...

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It has happened twice since I updated to 3.0, once with a demo game "Fight Night 4" just went to black screen and never recovered and once with NFSU.
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Well my friend me thinks it's the firmware update for sure. There are a lot of complaints about it for sure. AND, just after I responded to you the first time I threw in Oblivion and after leaving the west gate of Skingrad I froze up. Sony will release a fix for this no worries...I wonder how long it will take? ;)
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To the people saying getting a slim ps3 wont fix the issue. Yes it will if I cannot fix the system and it progresses to getting worse. I don't know what all the hate on the ps3 slim is about but get over it please. Like I said that was my LAST resort. And also thanks to all who have responded with helpful posts :)