PS3 freezing and shutting off

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It all started 2 days ago when i was playing war for cybertron. i was playing for a few minutes and then out of nowhere it froze and my ps3 shut off. i tried it again and it shut off after a few minutes. i tried playing different games and now its freezing and shutting down while i play them too. i can cruise the internet just fine, but if i try to watch something it freezes, beeps 3 times and shuts off. i dunno wats wrong with it, maybe its old. ive had it since december of 07 and its the 40gb model. anyone having this problem? help please :(
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Sounds like it's overheating. Is your PS3 loud by any chance?

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I would advise not to send it in for repair. Either buy a new one if you can, or try to fix it yourself

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Vacuum your system, change hard drive to a more efficient cooler drive, also since its out of warranty open it up and clean it out and change the thermal paste.
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If the red light is blinking when it shuts off then you might as well get a new ps3.

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my ps3 froze while playing Fallout3 Goty edition.IT ONLY HAPEN TWICE BUT IM SCARED IT COULD PERMENENTLY DIE(I OWN 60GB FAT)

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Machines dont last forever you know.
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To all those concerned above:

Back up your game saves and get ready to either send your PS3 in for repairs, fix it yourself, or buy a new one. What you are experiencing are the early symptoms of YLOD. Pay close attention. When your PS3 freezes and shuts off, does the light first flash from green, to amber / yellow, to the blinking red? If so, that's the YLOD. Use the time that your PS3 will still start and run to back up your game saves and anything important on your harddrive. Take it from me, I know from recent experience.

When your PS3 begins shutting off like this with the blinking light, you don't have long. My advice is to make sure any discs you have are out of it. You can choose to send it in to Sony for repairs, but you aren't guaranteed to get YOUR specific PS3 back. You can take it apart and fix it yourself using a video on YouTube, but all accounts I've read basically say that once your PS3 starts doing this, even after you fix it, it will continue to do this until it dies. Permanently.

That leaves us with the last option: Buy a new Slim. I lucked out because I had the Best Buy Product Replacement Plan. I backed up my game saves, brought in my PS3 (80GB BC model), and traded it in for a new 250GB Slim. :)

Bear in mind, I didn't use the BC (never had PS1 or PS2), so it was no big loss to me and I wanted more harddrive space anyway. Still, the fact remains. You can fix your PS3 or pay to get it fixed, but eventually it WILL die. The final alternative is to get it back working and trade it in to Gamestop towards the purchase of a Slim (assuming you're out of warranty or have no PRP).