PS3 Download for GTA V Taking Forever, can i speed it up?

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I went to the PS Store today excited to buy GTA V and the download started at 2:00 pm

And then I went out for a while and came back at 8:00pm and it was at fucking 25%, I went to sleep at 10:00pm and woke up at 7:00am AND IT WAS AT 34% EURHHHH

Seriously this thing is taking forever, my internet speed is

47ms ping

2.83 Mbps download

0.63 Mbps download

I live in a crappy area for internet and I really want to play it before tommorow when its school, got any idea to speed my download up?

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What is your download speed? you have listed 2, what is the real speed?

GTA V is a pretty big game, and with a speed around 3 Mbps is will take some time to download, but it seems like your speed is actually slower or maybe you are sharing your internet with others and they are downloading something at the same time.

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Your download speed is simply too slow, there's really not much you can do. I'd stick to purchasing disc games in the future.

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PSN on PS3 is notoriously slow, regardless of how fast your internet actually is. You can speed it up by running an Ethernet cable to the PS3, instead of connecting over wi-fi.

However, like the others have said, you do have quite a slow connection. So it may be best to stick to physical copies of games in the future.

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@Doom_HellKnight: Im getting Optic fibre on the 10th of march, but it did download after a week :P

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@coolfunkDJ said:

Im getting Optic fibre on the 10th of march, but it did download after a week :P

Wha? Your crappy area for Internet suddenly has access to Fiber optic Internet?

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Press fast forward.

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@coolfunkDJ: Actually, yes. There is something you can do. You can buy the game on a disk.

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Next time, rub your cat's belly in a counter-clockwise motion while downloading, it'll speed things up.