PS3 Defects/problems????? anyone?????

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Hi all,

i am not sure if anyone else out there has or encountered the same problem as i have. I recently just purchased a new playstation 3 (80GB) HD.Haviung upgraded to the latest version 2.01 and also having installed the updates, i am still quite surprised to see the system having constant "hanging" while playing games online or offline.

Other than the normal freezing problems, i recently left the system turned on for 7hours. I was playing Resistance and i kind of dozed off...not that its a boring game but i was just too tired. When i woke up, i found the game froze (which i thought was a common sighting) so i just reset and rebooted the system. To my horror...once i reboot it, it didnt detect the disc. It jus went to the main screen and acted as if no disc was loaded into the system. I even tried other discs and the same detection no nothing. I have also reformatted my system thus loosing all my saved games but didnt detect the discs i inserted.

This is strange...did i burn out the blu ray disc player by leaving it on for a straight 7hours? Or what could be the reason to it? I have done all possile solutions Sony has offered and still couldnt get the system to play my game. How can a 7 hours beating ruined the disc player when the system is brand new (2 weeks old!)

What do you guys think or suggesT? Would it be unreasonable of me to demand a one for one exchange?

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go return it and get a new one, don't take the risk of keeping it if its giving you problems
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go return it and get a new one, don't take the risk of keeping it if its giving you problemsJamie_1987

yes indeed, better try to rerturn it or else you'll have a ps3 which maygive you problems as long as you have it
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problemis...woudl they actually give me a one for one exchange? i have a feelin they will try to rectify the problem by trying to fix it.

The worst is...i got it from a departmental store instead from directly off Sony.

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since you said you purchased it recently, I'm assuming you bought it within the last 90 days. Many stores let you return defective merchandise up to 90 days (after that you would have to talk to Sony for the year warranty). And if it been 30 days or less your chances of exchange are even greater at about 99%.

So basically, I would just try taking it back to the store. If for some crazy reason they won't let you do an exchange, just call sony. You can send in your PS3 to and they will give you a rebuilt/refurbished one (which would probably be a lot quicker than trying to get it fixed through a department store situation)

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Thats strange... I have random hiccups here and there, but nothing like this. If it has only happened recently, then try and return it to the store. They should have a defective return policy for about a week or so. If not, then I am sure Sony can help out.
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i have a few freezes here and there nothing like this though..
i have played a few times 8+ hours straightand no suh problems..

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Thats the problem u see...if i bring it down to Sony and let them refurbish it, the set wouldnt exactly be new...

its like a brand new car and when you got it, the engine and its parts falls off. And you bring it to the service centre to get it fixed up..yes it may look new and maybe better but just like a car..the value has dropped cos its no longer first hand. Not that i am gonna ever sell the ps3 but pple will take into consideration when buying a car, whether it is accident free or not. In this instance, my ps3 has already met an accident so soon in its birth just doesnt feel good to be keeping a "lemon" set.

sigh...i hope the stores would let me return it. I dont like to give the stores the satisfaction that i paid the same price as everyone else for a ps3 and i am the only sucker to not be able to enjoy what others r enjoying.

Thanks guys for ur valued feedback...appreciate it

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I have my Playstation3 on the whole time.. Im pretty sure its on even now. And I havent played for like two days. I never having trouble withfreezing.. Make sure that you have it on a place where it dont get hot for the machine..
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stores are required by law to return defective items within 30 days of purchase some may even return after but they HAVE to accept the return its the law and if the person there trys to tell you differently then tell him you want to speak with the manager.

anyway i dont see why a store wouldnt give you a new console they arent loosing out in any money they will send it back to sony

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maybe you burnt out the disc reader?
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Hi guys!

you wont believe what happened today. So i went down to the store and also at the same time Sony!

At the Store...
They told me i cant exchange it anymore cos its past the 7 days policy and their store's policy is that we can only return within 7 days of purchase. WTH?!? i dunno if thats true but i wont doubt that since i am from Singapore and they prolly have a different policy. Anyhows, they didnt wanna exchange it and said i shld have brought it down to Sony cos after 7 days, it aint their problem.In the end, i demanded to speask with their boss and after a long dispute with him, he said he would help me take it down to Sony and raise a case and will demand a one for one exchange. He said it would have been easier for him to make the swop if i havent register my warranty online. *** Hmmm....****

Anyways, i left my set with him and he promised to take it down to Sony but he told me it would take 1-2 weeks for him to be able to get Sony to replace one. And he also assured me if Sony refuses to replace a new set, he would replace one from his stocks. ***DOES THAT SOUND CONVINCING??***

I wasnt convinced...i went down to Sony! Asked them and told them what this store owner told me. He said he suspects this store owner would be bringing down the set most prolly to have the service centre check it out. And they might determine to see if its a manufacturer's fault or whichever before they deem its replaceable. This guy suspects it the lens problem that i might have overutilised it. You got to be kidding me....its only 2 weeks OLD!!!

Anyhow, what do you guys think? Will this boss of the Store replace a new set for me or do u think he might be up to some funny tricks? He did promised me a new set and even asked me to take down my serial number of my old set...Sounds dubious...but i got to wait for 1 week at least for a result.

What do you guys think????

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I don't think the problem was because the system was on for the time you stated because mine is on 24/7 with no problem (also there is always some kind of disc in the drive). It's sad that the retailers in your country are not held to a higher standard because here in the US retailers have at least a 30 day exchange program and many have a 90 day exchange program. I wish you the best of luck on your problem.
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Now the store owner reverted back saying he has spoken to Sony and Sony has agreed to replace my set with a new one. However, i have to retain my old accessories but will have a new system. The store owner ensured me saying i can double check the serial number on the new ps3 they r replacing me with... He said Sony will take a new ps3 console out from a fresh box and will retain the new accessories.

Dunno whether the store owner is being honest in this....i have no problem if its a new system with a new serial number with new accessories. At least i am ensured that the set is really completely new. I am just afraid the Store keeper would go to the extreme to just replace the serial number with an old set he has...

Anyways, he mentioend i wont be able to pick up the set immediately cos Sony would need to do some software updates on the new console and would only be ready by the weekend. I am just wondering...why cant i do the updates myself anwyays? he mentioned the ps3 80Gb standard version is 1.73? and Sony is upgrading its version to 2.01 (i thought i could do the updatingonline anyways).

Does it take that long for Sony to upgrade or the store owner just wan more time to set up his scam? Any comments or suggestions......getting paranoid. =P