ps3 controller will not connect

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Hi guys My controller will not sync to my Ps3 at all wired or wirelessly. I have tried a couple of things but nothing seems to work I am suspecting that the bluetooth module is faulty. So far I have tried various different USB cables, both ports, resetting both controller and console. I have also turned off and unplugged the console, I then plugged the controller in reconnected everything and started the console via the controller, console started but controller would not sync. All I get is four rapid flashing lights Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated as its Vimportent to get this console working, plus it's driving me nuts, having spent most of today trying to sort it.
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I would recommend looking at these

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Is it new? When resetting the controller, how long did you hold the button down?

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Are you sure its even charged, the battery might have just died
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@gunslinger024 I looked at them or the equivalent no joy. I assume its charged, it was working fine the previous night, I have plugged it into the console nothing happens, if plugged into my PC all four light slowly flash then go out then nothing. The controller is currently connected to a wall charger at the moment nothing (No lights etc) @Namgis No its not new, been working up until now I have pressed the reset and released, I have held it in for 5/10 secs nothing.
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Well, this little trick always works. Turn your controller to the back side and you'll see to the left of the L2 button a small hole. Switch on your controller and put a pin inside the hole and hold it there for 5 seconds. This is the reset button. The controller should connect now when you switch it on again.