PS3 can't find IP address on wireless connection. Please Help!

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#1 Posted by robbie1991 (1 posts) -
My Playstation 3 cannot connect to the internet because it cannot locate the IP address. It says that the IP address is "Automatic". I am using a netcomm NB6Plus4W wireless modem. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks.
#2 Posted by tophmoney (64 posts) -
Did you reset your modem?
#3 Posted by p2250 (1520 posts) -
The problem could be that your PS3 can't find the IP because your wireless router has the security on, if you want to connect, the only way is to disable the security on your router OR find out what the router's WEP key is and input that key into your PS3 when you're setting up the wireless connection.
#4 Posted by buckbeanage (1 posts) -
Hey How do u find out your WEP key Becuase i cannot connect to internet either becuase it cannot find Ip address Or how do i disable the security???????
#5 Posted by Thetaguru (1394 posts) -

Just log on to your router (via computer) and go to your Wireless section and then go to security. If you can't see what your WEP password is, just change it and use the same thing on your PS3.