PS3 cannot pickup wireless?

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I was just wondering if anyone else has had this problem.

A while ago I set up a wireless connection with my PS3 has has been fine playing games and using the Playstation store but recently my PS3 does not seem to be picking up the signal, I have done a restore default setting and selected the wireless method of connecting but cannot find my networks name. My Nokia N95 which can use Wi-fi picks up the network name so I know the router seems to be working. I was wondering if there is any known problems with the PlayStation's 3 Wi-Fi receiver or something?

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Just one other thing I forgot to mention, it does pick up other wireless networks.
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Can you manually input your network's SSID?
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I've just updated the firmware to 2.50 and everything seems to be working now, I did have to set it up like when I first set up the router, like choose wireless and then scan etc. When I selected wireless before and scanned for networks it found others except mine. Weird or what? I think I will blame FIFA 09 for it as the last game I played was from the Orange Box TF2 and that was running ok. LOL

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Sounds like a router problem rather then a ps3 problem.
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Is it normal for the PS3 and PSP to stop detecting the wireless connection you set up for it? The reason I am asking is that this has happened before and managed to get it sorted out by installing the latest PS3 update v2.50, earlier today I tried my PSP to check something out on the internet and that is not detecting my wireless network now and I used the wireless connection to update my PSP to update v5.00 not so long ago although this is the first time I have noticed to problem on the PSP as I have not really used it much for wireless/online use. So when I tried the PS3 just now, lo and behold the PS3 is not detecting my wireless network again, yet both PS3 and PSP detect other wireless networks in the area and my Nokia N95 detects the wireless network so it seems the router is working.

Has anyone else have this happen to them?

Why does this happen?

Is it a coincidence that their are new updates for both machines?

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do u have your USB cord that charges the controller??? just connect the controller after you try to turn it on
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Yes, I have the USB charge cable to charge the controller, I'm not sure if this would help with wireless problems though but I will give it a try as you suggested.
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Right I have installed the latest PS3 Software 2.52 and I have done a restore default settings and when I scan for networks after selecting wireless if finds other networks except for mine. I am beginning to think my router is the problem even though my Nokia 95 can find the wireless network. Anyone else have problems with D-Link routers? I have a DIR-635

Maybe D-Link is not 100% Playstation compatible, as my PSP is not picking up the wireless signal. Anyone else use D-Link routers without any problems?

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Actually I found the PS3 extremely easy to network, wirelessly and otherwise, sounds like a router problem.

I know you have a great reason for it, and you REALLY dont want to do it, but I would reccomend a wired connection. This solved 99% of my disconnection, PSN signout and DLC download problems. Also, all around, network related activities were a bit speedier.


Open the ports found here : in your routerconfig (browser>address bar> or usually)

Also, try the troubleshooting steps listed here:

Failing that I would call sony support, they are really great if you call.

good luck!

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Hi I wanted to know if anyone can help me out with a problem I have... My ps3 picks up my wireless signal but it wont pick up the ps3 network when I push on test connection... What can i do to fix it?
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Hi I wanted to know if anyone can help me out with a problem I have... My ps3 picks up my wireless signal but it wont pick up the ps3 network when I push on test connection... What can i do to fix it?Pricess2010

Check to make sure your system is not deactivated. Playstation Network>Account Management>System Activation. This usually happens after you do a data transfer to a new playstation and people forget to turn the activation back on, but it does not hurt to check. Other than that, I do not know.