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I have been thinking about getting a PS4 lately but I had an Xbox Last gen, so I was thinking maybe to get a PS3 before to play all the series and games I missed that will probably have sequels on PS4. What do you guys think?

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Sure why not.. By the time your done enjoying the ps3 series you missed out, the ps4 will have a solid library.

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Go ahead.

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Why do people always forget PS Now? the PS3 library will most likely be available on PS4.

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Sure why not.. By the time your done enjoying the ps3 series you missed out, the ps4 will have a solid library.

This. Both the PS4 and ONE have really small amounts of games, plus they have not hit the first round of good bundles/price cuts. The end of a gen is always the best time to pick up a console you did not have.

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Yeah... I really wanted to buy a PS4, but I also missed out on the PS3, and there are number of titles I want to play on the PS3 that are not on the PS4. So it's looking like I'll have to buy a PS3 now, and buy a PS4 later.

The PS4 would be an expensive paperweight for me at this point. Which is a darn shame. I wish I could get both in one.

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It does not really matter. I do not think games existing franchises will be tie in sequels. Killzone Shadow Fall was more of a reboot. I doubt the new Uncharted will be closely tied to the other games. The PS3 trilogy is not really tied together. Resistance was great, but it is dead. Infamous Second Son has almost nothing to do with the PS3 games. I would go for the PS4 right now if I were you. PS Now is supposed to have hundreds of games at launch, and my bet will be that a good bit of those will be first party titles like Killzone, Puppeteer, and Uncharted. If you waited this long to play PS3 games, then two more months will not kill you.

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I would do your research first, to see if you'd consider any of the exclusives released on PS3 as worth buying the console for. I had a hell of a good time with many of them, but I think most of the sequels that will be released on PS4 will stand on their own just fine so it won't really be necessary to have played the previous releases in order to follow the different stories.

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At the moment, hold off until Sony presents at E3 to gauge how they're going to handle PSNow streaming and emulation. If the library is scant, then look to get a PS3.

Meanwhile, consider also picking up a DS4. Works for many games when plugged in to the PS3 and it's loads better than the DS3 (albeit battery on the DS3 is unreal).

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I bought one a few months before the PS4 came out so I could catch up on all the PS exclusives or console exclusive games. Can't say I've been dissapointed in the least. I already had PS+ from purchasing a VITA a few months prior and I've been able to get a good amount of games off of it and many PS3 games for $20 or less digital or brand new through eBay etc.

I kind of wish I had held off until more was known about PS Now, but I don't plan on getting a PS4 for a few years so not a huge loss for me.