PS3 A/V Cable Problems

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Ok, one day (yesterday)my PS3 A/V cable stopped giving me video. Both audio parts of the A/V cable worked fine. I bought a new cable...same thing. I'm getting audio, but no video. This has lead me to believe that it is the actual A/V port on the PS3 making the problems. This has me freaking out of my mind! If I'm wrong, and anyone has a solution to this problem, please, HELP ME!

P.S. I have yet to call Tech Support, as I have yet to find a TS number. If you have Sony's TS number, or a link to a TS website, that would also be much appreciated.

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Turn off the system and hold the power button down for 3 seconds, or until you hear a beep. That should reset your video settings.
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My A/V cable is acting weird too but i just mess with the cable and it goes back to normal:P
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Sony's number is 1-800-345-SONY

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yah wat he said just turn ur ps3 off then hold the power button for 10 secounds (if u have hdtv ur not suppose to use av cables!)
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Thanks for the suggestions...but...nothing worked. I have come to believe that there is a problem with the A/V port itself. How would I go about fixing this...? Should invest in an HDMI cable?

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You should definitely invest in an HDMI cable, it makes a big difference.
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You should probably only invest in a HDMI cable if you have a HDTV.
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If you have a HDTV the HDMI cable would be a great investment (just don't buy the high priced cables that a lot of retailers try to sell you). They can be found for around $30.00 to $40.00 instead of the $80.00 + that some retailers are selling. Also another thing to check just in case is if the AV cable isn't fully pluged into the AV port it could cause the same problem (I had that happen one time).
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my av dont work wat can i do
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i try reseting it nothing happen
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can u help me
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anyone plz help
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i am having the same problem plz help, heres da story i got a new HDTV nd put on my ps3 on it with my HDMI wire but its kinda laggy wen i play cod so i put it make on to my normal tv with the AV wire but it dosnt work anymore :( someone plz help
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Have you tried the A/V reset? with the PS3's power off hold down the power button until you hear a second beep and it resets it.Also you could resetting the system back to factory defaults in XMB system settings.

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If all fails call SCEA Sony Computer Entertainment of America. Just google it to find out their number.

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Hi i have not tryed it but it comes up on the screen but there is no sound.
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Everything works but know sound would sound come up if i try. ??
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