PS3 audio lag? *NEED HELP*

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#1 Posted by CaNiBuSKiD69 (603 posts) -
I have my PS3 hooked up through HDMI and I'm experiencing some weird sound lag. It happens at different times in the game, but it seems to work fine at first and start to glitch after playing for a bit. When it happens the sound of a gunshot (for example) will lag behind the actual shots fired. I have Uncharted and Resistance FOM and they both seem to do it at different times and it is very annoying. Has anyone heard of this, and if so, how do I fix it? Thanks!!
#2 Posted by -Sniper99- (8983 posts) -
google it or call sony:?
#3 Posted by AznTakumi (750 posts) -
Maybe your HDMI cord is mess up or the plug is. I would try retuning the HDMI and getting a new one. If this problem keeps happening, it mgiht be your t.v or your station. So call sony. =P
#4 Posted by bigseth8 (1 posts) -
I am having the exact same problem. I bought the ps3 brand HDMI cables and it gets worse as you play. Demo games work fine though. Have you had any luck with fixing it yet or getting in touch with sony? Can't get past their stupid touchtone menu that doesn't help at all.
#5 Posted by tfaa (362 posts) -
I can't say I have this problem through HDMI....You are not by any chance connecting the ps3 to a hdmi hub, then to a TV are ya? If not, then it sounds like its either cord or the PS3...IDK :S